Reshaping or removing tissue to lengthen teeth and reduce unhealthy gingival pocketing.

Clipping muscle attachment. The procedure may be used to remove an attachment that is interfering with normal speech including the tongue and upper front teeth reducing the space in between.

Fibroma Removal:
Removing undesirable excess tissue growths and preventing transformation to pre-cancerous cells.

Is used to remove excessive over grown tissue caused by systemic disease, medications, braces or poor oral hygiene.In order to restore proper gingival contours.

Treatment of Herpetic & Apthous Ulcers ( Canker and Cold sores):
Laser treatment is used to treat herpetic or apthous lesions, stopping the progression of the disease, cauterizing nerve endings and giving immediate relief from itching, burning, tingling or pain. Laser treatment bio-stimulates the area encouraging quicker healing, in the case of the herpetic lesion, killing the viral particles which means an active lesion can immediately convert to the healing phase. Treatment of Herpetic lesions during the prodromal stage can stop the lesion from ever manifesting.

Periodontal Laser treatment:
- The laser is used to reduce the bacteria that is associated with gum disease allow the area to heal naturally with no pain or painful injections.
- Depending on the severity of the Periodontal disease the treatment may be accomplished in one or multiple visits. Post procedure discomfort is very minimum and much short than conventional therapy.

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